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Welcome to AMPL Studio user's manual web page 



These pages are designed to serve both as a user guide and as a reference manual. 

It is assumed that the user of AMPL Studio has a basic understanding of a Mathematical Programming and some experience of using AMPL, which is connected to an appropriate solver, such as CPLEX, Gurobi, IpOpt, CBC, KNITRO, FortMP, MINOS...  

The Overview introduces a basic concepts of using a graphical user interface  which incorporates the conceptual structure.

The purpose is to introduce AMPL Studio environment to an end user, analyst who can create, maintain and revise AMPL models within the studio environment.


Overview:    Overview and introduction of AMPL Studio  UI

Example:    A step-by-btep walk through example

Db Connection: AMPL and data bases Connection; Importing and Exporting data

AMPL commands: Advanced Features of AMPL

Scripts and tracing modelScripts, debugging & tracing in AMPL Studio

AMPL and Studio:  Introducing AMPL through AMPL Studio




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